Funnel Vision for Your Sales Pipeline

Put predictive to the test.

Example of DxContinuum Lead Scoring DataPut predictive to the test with DxContinuum’s introductory analysis of your B2B sales funnel. Run your data through DxContinuum's predictive models for an analysis unlike anything you've ever seen and gain confidence with clear data about upcoming opportunities most likely to close.

This special service offering is designed to provide a preview of what predictive sales analytics can bring to your team and company. Packaged as an all-inclusive set of reports and data, this two-week service helps sales and sales operations leaders get a powerful slice of insight into their current pipeline. 

What You Get

  • Complete lead and opportunity scoring across your current and next quarter sales pipeline.
  • Ability to prioritize activities that drive deal closures.
  • Predictions on closing price points for opportunities most likely to close this quarter and next.
  • Professionally packaged presentation and report, customized for your data.
  • 1-hour hosted session with DxContinuum to review and discuss your data.
  • Confidence about the accuracy of your pipeline.


  • Salesforce.com instance with at least 12 months of historical data.
  • 25 or more sales reps/users.
  • B2B sales process.